Masters Rankings

Masters Membership Lists

Masters Membership Lists

Masters membership lists will be run at the beginning of every month from November - April for race administrators to use in their software.

To check the license status of a competitor or to obtain a report on licensed competitors by division, the Membership Tools drop-down that you can find in the right sidebar area of this page provides a number of useful services, including Member Lookup and Member List.

Masters competitions are "unscored events" in the USSA ranking system, which means that race results are not used to compute any overall rankings of competitors.  In addition to the races organized throughout the season by each masters division organization, the regional and national championship events held each year provide Masters competitors with the opportunity to compete and compare their results with other racers from around the country.

Masters Member List Downloads

The membership list download is a compressed ("zip" format) file containing the current masters licenses membership list, in a format intended for use with race timing software systems for race registration and operations.  (For users of the National/FIS version of the Split Second timing software, you can download and install the masters points list file from within the software.)

Masters Membership Lists can be found on this page.



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