Continuing Education

In order to keep your coaching certification status current, a Continuing Education credit is required every two years based on the membership season.  For the 2016/17 season, coaches must have completed a full continuing education credit (1.0 credits).  Continuing education opportunities may provide full or partial credit.  Coaches are responsible to report their approved continuing education activities to USSA Sport Education.

Some opportunities include (this is a partial list):

  • Taking a USSA on-snow clinic (1.0 credits)
  • Participating in a USSA Sport Education web presentation (live or recorded) (0.25 credit)
  • Participte in USSA Club Development Webinar (0.25 credit)
  • Attending a USSA coaching conference (see below), or any coaching conference pre-approved by USSA Sport Education (up to 1.0 credit)
  • Complete SkillsQuest Evaluator Accreditation training (1.0 credit)
  • Many PSIA clinics and educational events (use request form below to approve in advance) (up to 1.0 credit)
  • Complete a PSIA Children's Specialist clinic and exam (1.0 credits)
  • Review one of the USSA Elite Performance Series CD's (Sports Psychology, Sport Nutrition, or Strength & Power) and complete the corresponding online exam (1.0 credit)
  • Attendance at a National Coaches Academy (1.0 credit)
  • Compete in a USSA sanctioned race (Masters or USSA scored, forerunning does not qualify) (0.25 credit - can only be used once, submit copy of results)
  • Complete CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness course (0.25 credit, once per two year cycle, submit copy of certificate)
  • Completing a sports management course pre-approved by USSA Sport Education (1.0 credit)
  • Taking a college course in Sport Science, Sport Medicine, Biomechanics, Coaching, or Sport Management (1.0 credit)
  • Attending a FIS TD update (1.0 credit)

Clinics or events hosted by the following organizations specifically for the purpose of coaches education generally count as continuing education: USSA regions/divisions/states, PSIA and the USOCIn a few cases the organizer will send attendees' names directly to USSA for credit, but it is the responsibility of the coach to confirm or report their activity to USSA Sport Education using the request form below.  You can check your activity in our database by signing in to MyUSSA.

Events not counting toward continuing education credits include First Aid/CPR re-certifications or updates and USSA officials training and continuing education.  Coaching continuing education is in addition to the requirements to keep these current.  Intra-club training generally does not count toward continuing education unless pre-approved by USSA Sport Education.

Once a coach has completed their continuing education requirements for the period, their certification will become active again at the previous level attained.

For approval of Continuing Education credit, please fill out the PDF form below and email to, fax to 435.940.2790, or mail to USSA, Attn: Sport Education, PO Box 100, Park City, UT 84060.

USSA Continuing Education Request Form (Note: you can enter information directly onto this form, but unless you have a pro version of Adobe, cannot save it. Please print then scan, fax or mail back to us.)

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TitleLocationFor WhoCreditDateMore Info
USSA Coaching ClinicsVariousCoaches at any level1.0November-August 
USSA Coach Mentor Program - National TeamVariousAlpine Coaches Level 200+VariesYear RoundClick here
USSA Coach Mentor Program - Silver and Gold ClubsVariesAlpine Coaches Level 100+VariesYear RoundClick here

More events may be available, check back or check with your state, division, or regional offices for additional options.


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