Alpine-Level 100

The first step in the education for any coach of alpine skiing, the Level 100 coach acquires knowledge in the fundamentals of alpine skiing and learns how to teach these skills in appropriate progressions.  The Level 100 coach also will have training in First Aid and CPR.  

It is recommended that an alpine ski coach pursue their Level 100 certification prior to or within their first year of coaching.  The content and skills acquired during the Level 100 are a necessary foundation for a ski coach of any level of experience.  USSA recommends that all ski coaches work to obtain Level 100 certification, whether working part-time with young introductory level racers or full-time with racers at the top levels nationally.

Level 100 certification requirements:

  1. Attend a Level 100 Alpine Ski Fundamentals on-snow clinic  and pass the on-snow skiing evaluation (2 days)
  2. Pass Alpine Ski Fundamentals on-line exam (this follows the on-snow clinic)
  3. Hold current First Aid and CPR certification (must email or fax copies of certificates to USSA Sport Education at or 435.940.2790, include your USSA number)

Upon completion of these requirements, a coach will be recognized as a USSA Level 100 coach.  As sport is continually evolving, certified coaches must complete continuing education activities every two years.  Click here for information on continuing education credits.

All Level 100 Certified coaches will be required to maintain up-to-date CPR and First Aid certifications in order to remain current. Coaches may obtain their CPR and First Aid certifications from any recognized organization such as the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, we also accept online certifications.

All coaches must have a current USSA coaching membership. If coaches let their membership lapse, their status will become "inactive". They will not lose their certification status; however, they will be considered an "inactive coach" and their certification level will not be recognized until they renew their membership. Certification status will not be current if coaches do not fulfill the continuing education credit requirement or if they allow their CPR and First Aid certifications to expire. Once membership is renewed and all necessary continuing education credits have been completed the coach will regain their "current" status and their previous certification level will be recognized.


Level 100 Coach

The Level 100 coach learns about alpine skiing fundamentals that will set their racers up for speed on the race course. Check out the Level 100 clinic schedule here.


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