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Club Certification

Club certification is a process designed for the clubs that want to perform a comprehensive organizational assessment in order to verify and demonstrate their understanding of the best principles and implementation of best practices. The process of certification is a partnership between the USSA and the individual clubs supported by education and a club certification interview and in some cases, a club visit. Clubs achieving certification are recognized as progressive and innovative organizations with professional athletic programs that are concerned and attentive to the health and welfare of the athletes.

Club Certification Levels

 Certified Club: Basic level of certification engaging the club in the Club Development Program and processes. Also meets eligibility requirements for the USSA club insurance program. This level is intended for all clubs including those that are just getting started or clubs lacking the time or resources to complete the more detailed podium certification process at this time. This is a first step toward accessing USSA's direct support for enhanced organizational and athletic performance and potential podium levels of certification.

Certified Club Application     Application in WORD    Facilities worksheet

Podium Clubs are clubs that have gone through a comprehensive self and peer-based organizational assessment. This process assesses both organizational and athletic performance, using approximately 136 elements that are the primary contributors to club success. Whether or not clubs are at the podium level, these elements can be used as a roadmap for optimal club performance. The podium club certification process is fully descriped in the USSA Club Certification Guidelines, which include an explanation of the associated club visits and interviews.

USSA Podium Club Assessment Elements

Bronze-certified club: Podium level of certification for established clubs that have all the required elements in place for organizational and athletic success. The application and certification process is more involved and involves a comprehensive organizational assessment to put the bronze-certified club on the path of continual improvement.

Silver-certified club: Podium level of certification for well-established and highly functioning clubs both organizationally and athletically. These clubs serve as a model in these areas, have onsistent and long-standing track records of organizational and/or athletic success. Silver-level certification requires the approval of the USSA Club Development Manager before starting the process.

Gold-certified club: This level of certification is intended for clubs that are Best in the World. These clubs serve as a model both organizationally and athletically, and are resources to the sport as a whole in the U.S.

To apply for club certification or for more information, clubs should contact the USSA Club Development Manager by email or call 435.647.2033. Clubs seeking to engage in the "podium-level" certification process for the 2013/14 season must register (simply e-mail Brian with your intent) by Wednesday November 27, 2013 to initiate the process this season. There is no deadline for clubs seeking basic certification.



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USSA clubs are recognized for organizational and programming excellence through certification as certified, bronze, silver and gold level clubs.



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