Straight Run in Wave Track

ATS Phase 4 | Girls Ages 11-14, Boys Ages 12-15 | 5-9 years skiing

Objective: Using flexion and extension of the lower body to manage pressure against the snow over undulating terrain in an aerodynamic position.

Primary Skill: Pressure

Justification: Ski racers need to manage undulating terrain. On another level, the ski racer needs to have the ability to manage skis/snow pressure, either to create speed or to maintain speed.

Slope: Beginner slope

Set-up: Six waves are constructed by a snow cat that are one meter high when measured from the bottom of the trough to the apex of the roll. Waves are perpendicular to the fall-line and spaced at 12 meters apart from crest to crest.


  • In a straight run the skier descends the slope in a high tuck position such that they can absorb the "waves" and extend into the troughs with their lower body
  • The upper body maintains a consistent tuck position in space while traveling over the waves and in the troughs

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • The skier's upper body remains at the same relative elevation above the horizon that is consistent with the pitch of the hill
  • Lower body absorbs the rolls and maintains or increases pressure on the downside of the rolls
  • Skis remain flat against the snow and run straight in fall-line
  • Skier maintains equal distance between both skis
  • Skis have even pressure between left and right
  • Skier adjusts fore/aft pressure to increase speed

Kid-Friendly Start Instructions:

  • Go straight down the wave track in a high tuck
  • Your upper body stays level in a high tuck while your legs absorb the rolls and extend into the troughs
  • Keep your skis flat on the snow and running straight in the fall-line
  • Skis stay the same distance apart
  • Stand with the same weight on both skis
  • Adjust pressure over the rolls in order to gain speed



Straight Run in Wave Track Demonstration

View the proper execution of a straight run in a wave track.

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