One Ski Skiing with Lane Changes

Objective: To ski exclusively on one ski with an established rhythm and turn shape, then break that rhythm and re-create the same rhythm and turn shape in a new fall-line.

Primary Skill: Edging

Justification: In linked rhythmical turns, edge angle is constantly increased followed by an immediate decrease in edge angle. The ability to disrupt this rhythm is key for rhythm changes found in race courses.

Slope: Intermediate groomed terrain.

Description:Lane changes diagram

  • Skier wears one ski
  • Foot without ski is held exclusively off the snow and maintains a non-swinging position
  • Skier skis three turns of even size, rhythm and speed in an imaginary corridor approximately 5 meters wide and in the fall-line, then traverse across another 5 meter corridor to a new fall-line corridor and repeats
  • The drill consists of six short turn sequences linked by five traverses
  • Drill is performed with left and right leg on separate trials

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • Free ski boot never touches the snow
  • Free ski boot is not used for fore/aft balance adjustment
  • Speed is consistent throughout entire maneuver
  • Turn shape is relatively round
  • Ski poles are not used inappropriately for balance

Kid-Friendly Start Instructions:

  • Ski on one ski with the other ski off
  • Ski three short radius turns in a corridor about as wide as a snow cat
  • After the third turn, continue across the hill for about two cat-widths and start another three short-radius turn section
  • Ski six short turn sections connected by five traverses
  • The turns are round, carved and linked together
  • All turns are of the same shape, but the third turn is taken across the hill to a new corridor
  • Speed is maintained for all of the turns
  • Do not touch your free boot on the snow or swing your foot
  • You may plant your pole to turn, but do not drag your poles or use them for balance
  • Switch legs and repeat



One Ski Skiing with Lane Changes Demonstration

View the proper execution of one ski skiing with lane changes.

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