Freeski with Pole Usage

ATS Phase 2 | Ages 6-10 | 1-4 years skiing

Objective: To ski GS radius turns with pole usage.

Primary Skill: Balance

Justification: To combine the skills of rotary, edging, and pressure.

Slope: Easy intermediate groomed terrain.


  • The skier skis eight to 10 turns using GS radius turns
  • Ski pole swing is timed with the edge release and center-of-mass movement into the new turn

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • Balance is maintained in all three planes
  • Linked round turns such that speed is maintained throughout
  • The skis show a high degree of carving
  • A pole swing coincides with edge release and center-of-mass movement into new turn

Kid-Friendly Start Instructions:

  • Ski 8-10 carved, round GS turns with a pole plant between turns
  • Try to ski fast but with good balance


Coaching Points:

  • Pole plants are an important area of emphasis for this phase. Teaching pole plant mechanics and timing at this phase is important, therefore there is an emphasis on pole plants for every turn within the scoring
  • Round turn shape implies that the skier makes C-shaped turns with turn completion across the fall-line

Freeski with Pole Usage Demonstration

Check out the Freeski with Pole Usage exercise with demonstration by Olympians Erik Schlopy and Doug Lewis.

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