ATS Phase 4 | Girls Ages 11-14, Boys Ages 12-15 | 5-9 years skiing

Objective: To gradually decrease the radius of the successive turns, then gradually increase the radius back to the original turn size.

Primary Skill: Balance (perception, anticipation)

Justification: Turn size and shape need to be able to be dictated by the skier. Gradual changes in turn size demonstrate the skier has fine motor control with regards to body mechanics. Perception and anticipation of where to place and describe the arc without gates suggests that the skier has control and can initiate and conduct the intended turn.

Slope: Intermediate groomed terrain

Set-up: Define the start and finish. Place two brushes half way down 5 meters apart across the hill.

 Description: The drill is 10-15 turns in duration.

  • Starting with GS-sized turns, gradually decrease the turn radius until a slalom size turn is achieved at the half-way point while skiing between the two brushes
  • At half way, the turns will become gradually larger until the GS-sized turn at drill conclusion

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • Balance is maintained in all three planes
  • Carved round turns are linked without traverse
  • Turns gradually become smaller then larger without abrupt changes in turn size or shape
  • Relatively consistent speed is maintained throughout
  • Hour glass is symmetric from left to right
  • Hour glass is symmetric from top to bottom

Kid-Friendly Start Instructions:

  • The drill is 10–15 turns
  • Start with GS size turns and slowly make the turns smaller until they are SL size through the brushes half way down the hill
  • Then make the turns bigger until you are skiing GS size turns at the finish
  • Stay in balance throughout
  • Turns are round, linked and carved as much as possible
  • Speed is close to the same for all of the turns
  • The pattern of turns is even from top to bottom and left to right



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